A Family Matters Christmas


Christmas is anything but ordinary when three bickering siblings from a newly blended household cannot see eye to eye. The youngest one, while completing his annual science project, accidentally calls upon the spirit of Christmas. They wake up to find themselves having switched bodies, unable to change back until they learn to spend the holidays together as a loving family.

Release Date Nov 07, 2022
Casts Kellie Shanygne Williams, Randy Vince, Cheyenne Cummings, Chase X. Drewery, Melan Perez, Xavier Alvarado, Jo Marie Payton, Hannah Jackson, Julius Terry, Stephen Fisher, Tamieka Chavis, Mark McKinnon,
Director Lavern Whitt,
Writer Peggy Williams (Screenplay), Peggy Williams (Story), Anthony Guilanti (Screenplay),
Genre Fantasy, Family, Comedy,