A Killer Romance


After a quick and passionate courtship, newlyweds Rafer and Suzie soon discover that the other harbors a deadly secret sending them both on a course that will either save their marriage or end their lives. Some couples will love you to death.

Release Date May. 26, 2023
Casts Christian Campbell, Marija Abney, John Clarence Stewart, Manny Pérez, Dave Shalansky, Summer Crockett Moore, Jonathan Auguste, John-Peter Cruz, Frank C. Williams, Marco Reese Maldonado, Janelle McDermoth, Jeremiah Clarke, Jada Wooten, Darlene Dues, Suo Liu, Roger Potts, James P. Kerr, Joseph Fisher, Kevin Scott,
Director Tony Glazer,
Writer Tony Glazer,
Genre Comedy, Action, Crime,
TMDb Rating 0

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